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Some Shit I Did When Bush Was in Office: Cherokee ft. Mickey Factz - Rings [demo]

I have a bunch of music sitting on hard drives I’m about to get rid of so I figure why not start putting the unreleased music out. I’m sure one person might like it. Plus I can’t take harddrives to heaven…I don’t think at least. I don’t remember the exact year but Bush was in office. And I was still wearing Timbs. And fitted hats that fit. Vocal Production: Neal […]

FreshPick: Ryshon Jones - Common Dream

Common Dream prod by Te-Diggs by Ryshon Jones Why be a slave to this fucked up industry? Dealin’ with enemies dressed as your friends. Philly MC, Ryshon Jones, released his latest project In Theory at the end of last month and I’ve had this joint on repeat since the tape dropped. With Te-Diggs on production, Ryshon speaks on what every indie artist hears day in and day out throughout his/her […]

FreshPick: Mikey Marriott & Canvas & DJ Frank Flux - No Fiction [Mixtape]

Cold Turkey (prod. Pete Rock) by MIKEY MARRIOTT X CANVAS X DJ FRANK FLUX Happy New Years bidges! I’ve been slacking on these posts but my thesis is finally out of the way and so are these dumb ass holidays. I’m not one of those too cool for Earth blog dudes that don’t listen to everything I receive in the ‘ol inbox. I literally listen to every link I get […]