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Hey Bloggers, WordPress Update

I’m not budging from 2.5 until I hear about everything thats jacked up in this new version. Call me stubborn…..   WordPress Update Arrives Early, Packs in New Features By Scott Gilbertson July 15, 2008 The team behind the popular WordPress publishing system has cranked out the new version 2.6 nearly a month ahead of schedule. The latest version of WordPress features a number of improvements and further refines the […]

Internet Radio (literally)

Courtesy of Tivoli Audio we get our first internet radio. The future is here (finally). Now I’m just waiting for those flying cars they had on the Jetsons. Here is what what Tivoli Audio has to say about their new product: “It has been our goal to continually bring the most innovative radios to market with the quality and high performance that our customers have come to expect from Tivoli […]

All Artists (Old & New) Need To Pay Attention To This

I read this article and thought I would help get it out there. This explains the importance of a web presence and how to actually navigate in www dot land. Pay up nerds….. Courtesy of PMPWorldwide For any music business entrepreneur the dilemma of monetizing a company’s entertainment content online becomes more intense on an almost daily basis. The ever expanding sea of content on the internet is constantly being […]