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Mr. "I Spit Hot Fiyah" Himself...S.L.U. (Freestyle)

Nothing brightens my day more than a Dylan joke except for one thing…Dylan himself. Mr. Dylan returns from the dead with a swagger like us freestyle (hey, everyone else is doing it). I’ll give $100 to the first nerd that can tell me how many times he says “hot fiyah” in this video…just kidding, I won’t give you a $100 but I will consider you a loyal reader (air daps).

WTF: Jamaican Family Skin Bleaching

So I’ve heard about this whole bleaching thing here and there, but I didn’t realize it was out of control like this. I love my Jamaican people but c’mon….put the bleach down! I thought we were passed the days of dark skin people wanting to be light skin. As a matter of fact, I thought dark skin has been “in” ever since Wesley Snipes first came on the scene. What […]

WTF: Hip Hop "Un"Quotable - Magoo

So I’m gonna go ahead and blame Timbaland just as much for this one for the simple fact that he was the producer. I’m not sure why he co-signed this guy for so long but thank God its over now. This is an excerpt from Luv 2 Luv U (Rmx) and probably the worst combination of words ever…. You so obsurd I thought you heard If you don’t know, the […]