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WTF: Major Lazer ft. Andy Milonakis - Zumbie (Video)

This is probably one of the most hilarious vids I’ve seen in awhile. Andy Milonakis links up with Major Lazer (producers of ‘Paper Planes’) for what I call an interesting song. Andy taps into his inner ‘Eek-a-mouse’ and delivers one of the funniest songs since this chick. Between the autotune, his fake Jamaican accent, and the lyrics, this is sure to keep you nerds entertained for weeks to come. Fave […]

WTF: Nintendo Wii Spray (2nd Ed.)

This is dope, I’m sold. I would buy a Nintendo Wii just for this. P.s. My birthday is on the way…kinda – Designed for regular use with the Nintendo Wii and for the three Dimensional interaction concept of Wii Spray. – A real add-on for the Wii, just plug the Wii Remote in the Wii Spray Can and start! – Buttonless design, easy use for left-and-right-handed persons. Wii Spray uses […]

Imagine If T-Pain Was Homeless...and Knew How To Freestyle....and Didn't Use Autotune

Wow!!!….I am willing to bet this dude will have a record deal by Spring ’09. This cat is pretty sick and you can tell he is hungry…it’s a breath of fresh air to see hungry creative artists. Word on the net is that his name is Red and he’s homeless. Hell, I may go down to Hollywood and see if I can find him myself….think I’m playin?