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Battle of the Blogs....Vote for Me!

Ok nerds, looks like I’ve been chosen for the battle of the blogs. If you think I’m fresh and nerdy….vote for me (or else). What’s in it for you? I’m glad you asked. Well, here’s your answer: the chance to make me feel like I have a super awesome following (Voltron form!) the chance to exercise your mouse clicking finger more than you already do opportunity to kill some time […]

Happy New Year Nerds (My Thank You Post)

Well its been 6 mos. since I first started this little idea of a blog that I call Fresh Nerd. I definitely want to thank those that have followed me thus far. In the coming months I have many ideas/plans that I will be tossing around and testing throughout the site (ignore them until I tell you otherwise). I look forward to the new year and further branding of the […]

Does Kanye Have a Right to Smack Up Paparazzi??

So I’m sure you nerds have heard that once again Mr. West had a run in with the razzi last weekend in London. Surprised?? Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t…I am not too surprised myself but the question I ask is “does he have a right?” Of course he does….if somebody invades your space, 9 times out of 10 there will be a natural reaction to remove that person. […]

Former Employees of Google Attempt to Pose Threat

I found a great article over at New York Times regarding former employees that believe they have a chance of taking down the big dawg of search engines (Google). Now for those of you that aren’t complete nerds, Google is on its way to conquering the Universe (if you don’t believe me, click here). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the underdog but umm…..lets just say its wise to […]