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Trailer: Graffiti Overdose

Cope2 brings us an international graffiti magazine with footage from his personal collection. I read some of the youtube comments stating that he’s selling out, but I completely disagree. I feel there is nothing wrong with bringing the underground to the masses as long as it remains authentic.

Gorillaz Bananaz Film Trailer

Bananaz is a documentary about the animated group, The Gorillaz. It starts in the late 90’s when the band was first conceived by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. The film reveals the first drawings/ideas behind the group’s band members. Guest appearances include: De La Soul, Ike Turner, Dennis Hopper, Ibrahim Ferrer, Neneh Cherry, Bootie Brown, Dangermouse, and D12. DVD Release date: June1, 2009

City Of God's Son Trailer by Kenzo Digital

So….I’m a bit speechless on this one. This is a next level, outside of the box project that will be the beginning of a new genre. City of God’s Son is a “beat cinematic”….yea, let me say it again “beat cinematic”. The project consists of a 60-minute audio adventure created entirely out of samples. This is one of the reasons Fresh Nerd exists…to seek and find artists that are on […]