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Cowon S9 Curve PMP Unveiled

Cowon has announced the new S9 Curve PMP. S9 features a robust 500 MHz CPU, Bluetooth connectivity, digital television tuner, media player functions and an electronic dictionary accessible via 3.3-inch AMOLED touch-screen, capable of 16 million colors. No word on price nor what the hell this thing actually does as of yet. More pics inside….

Retro Space Arcade Goes Hi-Def

A true nerd’s dream….Designer/photographer Martijn Koch has created the Retro Space, a sleek update of the very first “ Computer Space” gaming cabinet from 1971. Not only does this bad boy come with 100 games but here is the cherry on top, its display is a 24 inch high-def monitor (tears of joy). More pics inside…

WTF: Winston's Lego Computer

So Winston (I don’t know who he is either) decided to put together a lego computer and yes, it really works. Here are the specs: Based on VIA EPIA-M9000 CPU: VIA C3 933MHz processor Chipset: VIA CLE266/VT8235 Form Factor: Mini-ITX IDE: 2xATA 133/100/66 Ram:1x DDR266 DIMM, Max 1GB Integrated Ports:1xSVideo, 1xRCA, 2xPS/2, 1xRJ45, 1xCom, 1xPrinter, 2xUSB2.0, 1xVGA, Audio ports External Ports: 2x USB 2.0, 2x IEEE1394 via card slot Slots:1xPCI […]

The iPhone Is Starting To Break Me Down

  Ok, now I’m jealous. I spotted this nifty app over at TechCrunch. Here is what they had to say: The app, which costs $6.99, turn your iPhone into an easy-to-use wireless storage device that can be access by any other device on your wireless network. A one way drop box can be added to a normal machine to drop files onto the iPhone, or alternatively you can set up […]

The World's First Solar Cell Phone

We’ve seen the prototypes and heard the speculation for years now, but here we have it, the world’s first solar cell phone, and you can buy one right now…if you happen to live in China. HiTech Wealth telecommunications has just begun selling the S116 and the specs are pretty impressive. However, the $510 pricetag will have you wondering why you don’t just get an iPhone. A 1.3 mpx camera, and an MP3 […]

PopCuts - (official) Death to the A&R

Don’t you hate it when you find a new band and you tell everyone about them and they look at you like you have a booger in your nose. Then what happens? A year later, they end up being one of the biggest bands next to the Beatles (well, something like that). I introduce to you Popcuts, a company that pays you for a band becoming popular. Don’t believe me? […]