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We're Getting Closer to Digital Graffiti

Spencer Kelly visits the Royal Albert Hall to see a digital graffiti wall where you can virtual spray paint all you want and email the results to yourself. Keep in mind that it is still just a prototype in its early stages. I think the progression of this will be interesting to watch in the years to come. Click here to watch

Mid-City Arts Presents Live Painting and Art Exhibit from Retna & The Mac, June 7

Mid-City Arts is proud to present a live painting event and exhibit opening featuring two of Los Angeles’ most respected graffiti artists: Retna and The Mac. The opening event takes place Sunday June 7th 12pm – 6pm at 33Third. The art exhibit will be on display in the adjoining Mid-City Arts gallery, which recently hosted the first ever gallery exhibit from Chaka, LA’s most infamous graffiti writer. Video preview inside […]

Zero.1 - CD & Vinyl Player

Spotted over at Addictive DJ Designs, The Zero.1, from designers Francesco Cugusi and Roberto Strippoli is a dope concept that allows you to play both cd and vinly (plus it actually looks cool). But here is the clincher, it memorizes the gaps on the record so you can control it via remote just like you would a cd. Not sure when and if this concept will be available, but I’m […]

Music Is Moving To The "Cloud"

So as I was at the Apple store and I realized something while looking at the iPod touch that I can’t afford. There seems to be less hard drive space than the prior clunky version that I own. At first thought I said to myself “self, this isn’t much of an upgrade if you’re getting less hard drive space.” Until I realized that music is moving to the clouds. Yes, […]

FreshArt: Erik Natzke Self Portrait

Erik Natzke is an interactive designer and a force to be reckoned with. What appears here as a painting is actually a digital design. This is what I call creativity at its finest. Erik is obviously one that pushes the boundaries as far as possible while trying to reach new limits. Close-up after the jump…

Will Songbird Have Web Music Lovers Marching to a Different Beat?

  I get the feeling I’m a bit late on this (in nerd time), but I was browsing the net the other day and discovered Songbird 1.0. What is songbird you ask? Imagine if iTunes hooked up with Firefox for a one night stand and gave birth nine months later. Songbird is the beginning of music discovery in a web 2.0 world. At the core of songbird is the open […]

There's A New Sheriff In, Move Over!

As an avid fanatic of, I think I have found a new love. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions to soon, but lala is the shit. What’s the difference you ask? Well first and foremost, lala is a music streaming service where you pay per song to keep your library online. Now on to the pros and cons: Pros:   Only 10 cents per track for streaming NO Advertisements Upload […]