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TasteMaker Tuesdays: J.A. - Murder-1 Freestyle

So I got this email from one of my cooler Twitter peeps and I’m going to be honest… I hit play, I was hoping it wasn’t going to be something I would have to pretend to like. Lo and behold, this kid is kinda nice. Michigan emcee J.A. is releasing several freestyles as part of his “Saturday Morning Line-Up” series. He will be dropping joints every Saturday leading up to […]

TasteMakerTuesdays: Signif - The Transition

The Transition by SigNif Yep, its Tuesday….you know what that means. A feature from an artist you should know. And I actually feel like a dufus (yea, I said dufus) for just finding out about Signif seeing that I’ve been following her on twitter since Reagan was in office. When I asked her why I didn’t know about her rhyming before today, she simply and humbly replied: So there you […]

TasteMaker Tuesdays: Tiara Thomas - Forever Acoustic (Drake Cover)

Ok, so technically I’m not sure if I can really count this as a tastemaker Tuesday since it is usually about undiscovered talent. Tiara isn’t really undiscovered as she was just on Wale’s recent redemption mixtape, More About Nothing, on a song titled ‘The Cloud’. But what you may not know is that Tiara rhymes too. She’s like 2/3 of The Fugees…..err I mean she’s like The Fugees wrapped up […]