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[Re-Post]Sleeper: HEAVy - Jokes On You

Jokes On You by HEAVy Stop sleepin’ on this duo from Southside Jamaica Queens….or else. HEAVy (Casey Benjamin and Nicky Guiland) has a sound all their own and this one is off of their 2007 album JazzMoney so make sure ya’ll pick that up (don’t download). For more information on show dates etc., be sure to visit their myspace page.

Sleeper: John Forte - Play My Cards For Me

If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably don’t know Mr. Forte was released from prison last year after getting off early from a 14 yr. stint (courtesy of George W. Bush….really). I was hesitant to listen to his new material post Fugees but I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem of a song off of his new EP. From reading his blog posts over at The Daily […]

Sleeper: Sy Smith - Aquarius Rising

For those of you still sleeping on Sy, please wake the f*%k up. This singer/songwriter has been on the scene for a minute. Whether it be doing shows or writing for other artists, Sy is a force to be reckoned with. She is constantly pushing the boundaries of music giving us a break from the melancholy music of today which we call R&B. This is off of her 2005 release […]

FreshBack: Nectarine - Cherokee ft. Andre 3000

If you all don’t know her yet, let me help you get familiar. Cherokee is a dope artist that has been slept on for some time now. She will be releasing some new material very soon so wake the f@$k up. In the meantime, here is a video from her “Soul Parade” album featuring Mr. Benjamin to hold you over.