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FreshPick: MosDub prod by Max Tannone

While over at the Aqua’s blog, I came across a dope mixtape produced by Max Tannone which features Mos Def acapellas over som big raas chunes….braaaaap! Overall, it’s a solid tape with ‘Johnny Too Beef’ being my favorite of the bunch. I actually had an idea very similar to this for my next in between project before my next masterpiece…..great minds think alike I guess. p.s. Maybe my previous Nas […]


This one caught me off guard. If you’re not familiar with this triple threat (MC/DJ/Producer), MeLo gives us a glimpse of what’s to come from his Sonic Intercourse album this summer. Warning to all closed minded listeners….this is not boom bap music. If I had to categorize this tape, I would have to classify it as …hmmm…..House? I dunno but I do know this is fresh and outside the box. […]

Steal My CD!....Well, kinda

Well nerds, if you’re not aware as of yet….I released my latest project yesterday and the feedback has been great so far (especially for a no name producer like myself). I wanted to drop this post on yall not to self promote nor to give a shameless plug, but to let you wonderful peeps know that I am giving away a free physical CD (not a burnt CDR, an actual […]