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FreshPick: Nemo Achida - Dedication [Video]

Nemo Achida – Dedication from Nemo Achida on Vimeo. I think it was Wes who put me on to Nemo and I’ve been checkin’ for his music ever since. I won’t front, The Digital Dan project (as a whole, but Presidential Address is sick) was my least favorite from him so far but from the sounds of this right here…I’ll be on the lookout for his June 13th release titled […]

FreshIndie: Auction - Slow

I’ve been doing some A&R work for an indie rock label and its pretty fresh to say the least. I’ve been unearthing some dope bands so I thought I’d share some of my findings here as well. Auction is a 5 piece band from London and they put quite a unique spin to what they do as you’ll hear below. Slow initially caught my ear probably due to the island […]

FreshPick: Blitz The Ambassador - Dear Africa ft. Les Nubians

I’m definitely feelin’ the direction Blitz is going in for his new record ‘Native Sun’ set for release on May 6th (my bday *ahem*). It’s an open letter to Africa and features the silky vocals of Les Nubian. I can’t really describe the song in words as it has an incredible energy to it….and lets not forget the live horn section. Dear Africa feat. Les Nubians by Blitz The Ambassador […]

FreshIndie: Ab-Soul - Nothin' New

I’ve been tellin’ the nerds for fresh minute that Top Dawg is the crew and now you’re starting to see it come to fruition with Kendrick Lamar. It seems though a lot yall are still sleeping on Ab-Soul (who I think is the sickest emcee out of the whole crew if I HAD to pick one). Enough about my Negrodamus moments…enjoy!

FreshIndie: Eric Biddines - MLWJC (dir. by Art N Hustle)

The good homie over at ArtNHustle gave me a heads up on this video that he directed for upcoming MC, Eric Biddines. This is my first time hearing anything from this MC and I was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to hearing more from him. Here’s ArtNHustle’s words on the piece: We have always wanted to get involved in videography. Were all artist at heart and have a strong opinion on […]

FreshIndie: Mara Hruby - From Her Eyes

If I recall correctly, it was the homie Corey who put me onto Mara’s music. After checking out her latest project, I knew I had to help spread the word. The Oakland, CA artist has an incredible voice and solid production to go along with it. I’m willing to bet she will be a force to be reckoned with in the R&B world if she gets the right marketing and […]