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FreshVerse: Styles P - Street Life

I’m not sure how I missed this (its old in internet time) but damn if this isn’t one of my new favorite verses from Styles (one of the most underrated MC’s if you ask me). I could’ve done with a different singer on the hook but the song still delivered the vibe and message intended so no harm done. Joelle Ortiz also held it down…..take a listen for yourself and […]

FreshCut: Elzhi - Deep (prod by Black Milk)

FreshCuts will be a new category that will be popping up on FreshNerd every now and then. FreshCuts are album cuts that I find dope and post worthy. Plus, it gets boring constantly posting singles that all of the other blogs are all posting….right? First up is ‘Deep’ off of Elzhi’s last un-mixedtape. This joint is crazy as Black Milk put his John Hancock on the track with the filtered […]