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[GuestPost] Top 5 "WTF Is This Doing On My Ipod" Albums

Greetings Fresh Nerds.  Happy to be guest posting for my homie, and adding my brand of…well whatever the f*ck it is that I do (over at my site  So last week I tweeted something about an album that I found in my iPod that I couldn’t really understand why I put it there.  I don’t like it, I pretty much never liked it, so why exactly is it there? […]

Embarrassing iPod Music #1: Madness - Our House

Welcome to #1 in a series I call “Embarrassing iPod Music”. You know those songs that seem to creep into your iPod somehow onto your Gangsta Rap playlist. “How did that get there?” as you explain to your friends. It’s ok, don’t try to explain….they won’t believe you. As a matter of fact, they probably have the cassette underneath their mattress. In any event, being an 80’s baby and growing […]