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Nosaj Thing - FWD

I admit I slept on this kid for awhile (pause), but was I wrong? Yes….words can’t really describe his sound (electronic I guess) but he definitely has a style all his own. Pay close attention to how he layers the hook and builds it slightly differently as the beat progresses. Clockwork orange at its finest….L.A. standup!

The Gaslamp Killer - Anything Worse

[via Passion of the Weiss] I’ve been seeing and hearing about this dude around L.A. for a couple years now but today I finally decided to give a listen and uhhh….damn I’ve been sleeping. GLK is a part of the beat generation that resides out here in LA (i.e. Flying Lotus). His style is actually reminiscent of Mr. Lotus’ but a bit more gritty. I’m into a lot of crazy […]