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Snippets From Bilal's New Album, Airtight's Revenge

Originally spotted over at BamaLoveSoul. This may be the first album I purchase in 2010. Tracklist: 1. Cake & Eat It Too – Produced by Bilal Oliver & Steve Mckie 2. Restart – Produced by Bilal Oliver & Steve Mckie 3. All Matter – Produced by Bilal Oliver & Steve Mckie 4. Flying – Produced by Bilal Oliver & Nottz 5. Levels – Produced by Bilal Oliver & Shafiq Husayn […]

Raekwon - Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 (Album Sampler)....this is not a classic

Play Album Sampler As I listen to this, one thing comes to mind…where is Rza?? I’m not sure who did the bulk of the production here, but I can tell it wasn’t RZA. After being an avid music lover for 26 yrs, it’s safe to say you can’t recreate an album/mood/classic. Nas will never recreate Illmatic, Snoop can never do Doggy Style again (pause) and so forth. There are too […]