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Does Kanye Have a Right to Smack Up Paparazzi??

So I’m sure you nerds have heard that once again Mr. West had a run in with the razzi last weekend in London. Surprised?? Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t…I am not too surprised myself but the question I ask is “does he have a right?” Of course he does….if somebody invades your space, 9 times out of 10 there will be a natural reaction to remove that person. […]

Top 5 Abused Hip Hop Phrases

Alright nerds, I’ve had it with certain words that some people have been abusing for the past x years. I think it’s time that we put these words/phrases to rest and create some new ones. That’s what hip hop is about, creating that new ish. So help me spread the word nerds, lets end this madness: 5. “Turn me up in my headphones” – any notes and/or comments you may […]