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Citizen Cope x Cinemax Interview

The minute I curse Twitter for being useless, it ends up being useful. I shot out a random tweet asking my followers where is Citizen Cope. Minutes later, Cope’s fan profile shot me links to his latest music, website, and tour dates. Now that’s service (and technology). With that being said, if you were wondering like I was where in the heck Cope is… is a cool interview with Cinemax […]

TAC Talks with Curator Mónica Ramírez-Montagut about KAWS

Spotted this dope Q&A over @ the art collectors blog. Below is an excerpt but click here to view more pics and read the complete interview. I chatted with many fans and art world professionals that traveled from quite far distances to be at The Aldrich, even from across the country and overseas! There was a real sense that people were compelled to be there for the first look and to show their […]

FreshNerd x Onra Interview

– My Comet Ever since I discovered Onra’s, super producer from France, latest offering Long Distance…I’ve been knockin’ that album on repeat something serious. As one of my new favorite producers, I had to track him down for an interview and really see who the man is behind this madness. He’s a super cool down to earth dude that genuinely loves music. Here’s how it went….. When did you first get […]

FreshNerd x Jalin Roze Interview (Video)

Next up for an interview is Kentucky’s own Jalin Roze. If you haven’t checked out his mixtape as of yet, do yourself the favor and download it here. In the meantime, listen up as Jalin breaks down the meaning behind his name and as well tells us where to get good fried chicken in Kentucky (what?? I know you were wondering too). Shoutouts: Tarik for making the interview happen and […]

FreshNerd x Nobody Famous Speaks on Project Generation D

What up my nerds, had a chance to catch up to a young producer by the name of Nobody Famous. The reason I find him interesting is because of a program he has started called Project Generation D which is a creative technology program for youths. Most artists/producers who have “made it” and are well off aren’t giving back to our youth the way Nobody Famous is doing. It takes […]

WatzGoodie TV: FreshNerd x Buggs Tha Rocka Interview (Video)

This is history nerds….the first ever FreshNerd 20 questions interview on video. If you follow FreshNerd, then you know we support the dopeness that this Cincinnati representer has been coming with. Buggs took some time out of his busy schedule to answer my twisted off beat questions. Check it out as I get inside the mind of Buggs….. Mutant Level 5 Coming Soon Shoutouts: Wallstreet Wes / WatzGoodieTV / Buggs