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Yakub Speaks on Ghostface Placement, Chapstick, and Understanding Animals

About 2 months ago I heard the first single off of Ghost’s latest Apollo Kids LP. It was a song titled “Together Baby”. The horns were big, the vocal sample was soulful as all outdoors, and the drums were knockin’. It felt like Ghost was back on some Supreme Clientele vibes and I was in metaphor heaven. I had to find out who produced this banger. After 0.38 seconds, Google […]

FreshInterview: 12 Questions with Blitz the Ambassador

Whatup nerds and nerdettes? Today I bring you a fresh interview from Ghana born MC, Blitz the Ambassador. If you’re not up on Blitz as of yet, he’s one of the hardest working indie dudes I’ve seen in a minute as a result of labels frontin and sleepin’ on him. His music is an organic mix of live instruments, African influences, and raw hip hop. I had a chance to […]

FreshInterview: Alex Chase Talks One Handed Music

Greetings nerds….this is one of the things I love about my non-job….job, interviewing intelligent folks in the business that aren’t afraid to deliver the music they love. I had the chance to catch up with Mr. Alex Chase of One Handed Music (UK)/Stones Throw (U.S.). As the owner of One Handed, he prides himself on putting out quality music while not focusing on making a quick buck which is rare […]

Hunt & Gather Interviews Artist Sarah Joncas

Designer and gallery curator, Tina Ziegler of, had a chance to catch up with artist Sarah Joncas in regards to her latest show at Thinkspace and also gives us some insight into a day in the life. Here’s an excerpt: “Can you explain the relationship between the women and their environments in your paintings, for example in your piece, “Lingering” The environments are just meant to compliment the emotions […]