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R.I.P. Guru (1966-2010)

Now I never ever write R.I.P. posts, but this one is having a huge effect on me. Guru, 1/2 of the legendary group Gangstarr, passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. His music has played a huge part in my life as far as what has made the producer/Dj that I am today. I remember when I first heard Mass Appeal (I taped it on VHS) and thought […]

My L.A. Entertainment Friends Will Appreciate This....

The realest, most true, most beautifulest post I’ve ever read from any blog. I really thought I was alone when it came to the LA promise. Derek Sivers nailed it (pause): When I lived in Los Angeles, I noticed they have a strange speaking pattern. Everyone speaks in future tense. (Or, more specifically, present-tense inaction, future-tense action.) “This guy from EMI is interested and going to be presenting it to the […]

Walrus TV Artist Feature: Estevan Oriol Interview from The Run Up & Estevan Oriol Photo Contest

Courtesy of Walrus TV: Former club bouncer and Los Angeles native Estevan Oriol got his start in the entertainment business managing tours for huge artists like “House of Pain” and “Cypress Hill” almost 20 years ago. While globe trotting with them he began his photography career taking flicks of the madness and glitter that surrounds international celebrities. When he was back home in L.A though, it was a much different […]