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R.I.P. Guru (1966-2010)

Now I never ever write R.I.P. posts, but this one is having a huge effect on me. Guru, 1/2 of the legendary group Gangstarr, passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. His music has played a huge part in my life as far as what has made the producer/Dj that I am today. I remember when I first heard Mass Appeal (I taped it on VHS) and thought […]

Top 5 Annoying Twitter Personalities - #5 Mr. No Sleep

If you’re a Twitter user (like myself), I’m sure you know this guy and perhaps you might even be this guy/gal. You know the dude that constantly claims he needs NO sleep and feels the need to tweet it on a bi-hourly basis along with his “grindin” tweets. Well….I hate to break it to you buddy, you’re not “grinding”. And furthermore, unless you’re a robot (in the literal sense)….you need […]

5 Rappers I Would Invest A Fresh Million In (Before Shyne)

I’m sure by now you nerds have been hearing about all the hype surrounding Shyne and the crazy advance he received from LA Reid. First and foremost, I’ll be the first to admit that I used to be a Shyne fan (even when all my friends thought he was wack, I held him down *pause*). While I did think the advance was a bit too much, I wasn’t trippin’…..until I […]

And The Winner Is....

I know I’m late on announcing the winner of the free CD, but I’ve been swamped nerds. We (yes, I refer to myself as ‘we’ from time to time) have surpassed well over 100 downloads early this week and I’ll probably do another giveaway at 1000 downloads. I figure it would be messed up to post the winner’s email publicly here, so I’ll shoot you an email over the weekend […]