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The Evolution of the Rap Beard [A Brief History]

Ever since I moved to London, I’ve been travelling like crazy (shoutout to EasyJet). It’s addictive to say the least. While in Rome earlier this month, the last piece of the proverbial puzzle to the hip hop beard became evident. So I decided to put together a quick history lesson tracking the evolution of the beard and its influence on hip hop. —————– THE ROMANS Years Active: 1500-1700 AD Let’s […]

74 Tips Learned While Chasing My Dream in Los Angeles

Buy a car (or don’t rely on public transportation). If two guys dressed in lots of red ask you to go with them around the corner right quick, don’t go. Eat at Bossa Nova on Sunset Blvd. Don’t go to the Roscoes in Pasadena (the one on Gower is the best). Everything you hear about the LAPD isn’t true…just most of it. Hollywood is grimey as hell. Make sure your […]

Beatmaker Releases Free Beats...Then Gets Mad When Rappers Rap on Them (Participatory Culture & Hip Hop)

I just read a dope post over at Refined Hype in regards to producers and beat makers getting the short end of the proverbial stick. It inspired me to type this actually. If you’re new to life and or the internet, something happened this year that caused a huge f*cking shift in hip hop. Its old news, I know….but I’m talking about the Lord Finesse vs. Mac Miller lawsuit. Its […]

Freshformation: Sh*t Not To Say To Ppl You Wanna Collab With...

I’d like to preface this post by saying “I ain’t sh*t.” Now that we got that out of the way, for some odd reason….rappers say the dumbest sh*t when approaching me for beats or to collaborate. So I figure, let me help my fellow artists since we’re all in the same boat. And more importantly, maybe I can save you from saying some stupid sh*t when approaching someone you’d like […]

How NOT To Promote Your Mixtape On Twitter (Or My Top 5 Smart Dudes to Follow)

Today’s lesson…how not to promote on Twitter. First off I must say that I am an unknown indie producer myself so I know what its like trying to get heard when there is so much noise going on. Second….I must say, I don’t like to put folks on blast but when this happens over and over again, I figure I should reach out and help someone. As you can see […]

22 Things You Don't Know About Me (Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself as....Myself)

As I was reading my favorite blogs the last couple of days, I realized that I don’t want FreshNerd to turn into one of those faceless/machines of a blog that just pump out music with no personality at all (I stay away from those). So here’s my effort at making FreshNerd the kind of blog that not only has a voice but the type of blog that has a personality. […]

How We Roll: Honoring Black Skate and Surf Culture

Spotted over at Global Grind: On July 28, the California African-American Museum (CAAM) in Los Angeles will host an exhibit featuring African-Americans and Polynesians in skateboarding, surfing and roller skating entitled How We Roll. This show will feature artwork and photography by prolific skaters and surfers such as Glen E. Friedman, Grant Brittain, Jim Goodrich, Lance Dawes, Atiba Jefferson, Neftalie, Keith ‘K-Dub’ Williams, and pioneering black female skater Stephanie Person. […]

FreshArt: Cyndi Lauper & Her Beat Tape Thank You's

So my latest project, The Cyndi Lauper Beat Tape, is being well received despite my lizard brain’s reluctance to ship. Well, its been a week and has garnered about 1k downloads so I want to take a second to shout out all the blogs that have showed love so far to the little up & coming dude. Support new indie artists and producers…..dope ones that is. ——————————————————————————– Get Right Music, Beatbox Radio […]

FreshArt: Lil Wayne by Ether (MUL Crew)

Dope piece by Ether of the MUL crew (MadeULook) drawn while he was incarcerated on Rikers. Copies were signed by Wayne with a Sharpie that Ether had “to buy with some commissary soups from a gay inmate who would get sharpies from program offices and use them for lip liner.” Be sure to stop by the Ether blog to read the rest of his post ‘When A Wolf Cries’ which […]