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The New Yorker's Cover - Muslim Obama

Where do I start…….this is a fuct up cover. A very interesting strategy I must say. Let’s scare the voters with an image that will stick in their heads come election time but we’ll just say its satire. Or better yet, we’ll tell America to get a grip, it’s just a joke. Momma always told me that there is truth behind every joke and this is probably how the staff […]

All Artists (Old & New) Need To Pay Attention To This

I read this article and thought I would help get it out there. This explains the importance of a web presence and how to actually navigate in www dot land. Pay up nerds….. Courtesy of PMPWorldwide For any music business entrepreneur the dilemma of monetizing a company’s entertainment content online becomes more intense on an almost daily basis. The ever expanding sea of content on the internet is constantly being […]