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Make Art Not War - Derek Hess Interview

Artist, Derek Hess, took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Fresh Nerd. After my first posting of he and Kent Smith’s book Please God Save Us, I wanted to get inside of their heads a bit to get some insight on where these thoughts and ideas come from. If you guys haven’t checked out my initial post of the book, please do so here. Check out the […]

Listen When Trent Reznor Speaks....Indie Artists Pay Attention!!

Shout out to DA of Chester French for the retweet. Very, very, very good post from Trent Reznor and his thoughts on being an indie artist A.G. (after Google). I’ve been trying to tell yall but hey…what do I know. Check out what Trent has to say: (disclaimer) This was written on a bumpy Euro-bus ride across the wilderness – may ramble a bit but I think the point gets […]

FreshArt: Hank Willis Thomas - Basketball and Chain

Hank Willis Thomas holds no punches when it comes to getting his point across. The piece above is from his “Branded Series” in which he takes an ad that you may see day in and day out and shows the underlining racism that is present. His Branded series is definitely one that makes you think whether you agree with it or not. He uses the comparison of the NBA trade […]

Shepard Fairey - Happy To Make The Cover Of Time Mag, Not Happy About Rick Warren

So my boy Shep’s Obama cover will be on newsstands by the time you nerds read this, but he had a little something to say about Rick Warren’s participation during Obama’s inaugural address. This was spotted over at Fairey’s website (we need more people like this guy): Tomorrow my illustration for Time Magazine’s  “Person of The Year” hits the newsstands. While I’m very honored to be validated by a periodical […]

Jay Smooth Is Finally Back to Work and Shares His Thoughts On Our New President

By now you nerds know that I gotta hit you with a flintstone vitamin or two every once in awhile. Jay hasn’t posted in a New York minute, but now he seems back to business as usual. Its funny because I found myself hesitant to post my thoughts on one of the greatest wins for American history as well. I guess I’m waiting until I have the right words to […]

FreshBook: E Pluribus Venom by Shepard Fairey

One of my favorite artists releases a must have piece for the coffee table and book shelf. In his latest book titled E Pluribus Venom (meaning: From Many, Venom), Fairey features pieces from his 2007 show at the Jonathan Levin Gallery in New York City. The title is a play on words of E pluribus unum (From Many, One), the Latin phrase that appears on U.S. currency. Fairey’s intended meaning: the myriad strands of American society, […]

FreshArt: Please God, Save Us (Book)

The cover art of this book says it all. With art by Derek Hess and text by Cleveland area politician, Kent Smith, this book is sure to stir up some emotions and question the current “powers” that be. “Please God Save Us” takes a variety of hot topics, ranging from religion to government and everything in between, and displays them in a thought-provoking and witty book. “The art itself was […]