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Guest Post: Screech Cutrone - Das Efx Sucked (What Lead to Their Downfall?)

“Riggitty row, gibbitty gadzooks there I go so Fliggitty flame on to geronimo yo. I biggitty burn riggitty rough but when I blabber great, I miggitty make the wonder twins reactivate.” –Das efx It’s easy to say this generation of rappers suck, but when you think about it, a lot of 90’s New York rappers weren’t that good either. This morning’s focus will be on the group Das Efx. Das […]

FreshThoughts: It's Bigger than Religion

…Hip Hop. Says Erykah Badu. I forget which song it was but its that joint that Madlib produced. He’s in my top ten by the way. You can probably tell by the weird ass music I make though. I feel like that often but perhaps different from what Badu was actually saying. Religion is based on blind faith and so is this industry. Around every corner we feel like there […]

Artists Call To Boycott Arizona

Spotted this over at Revok’s place and thought I would help spread the word. PRESS RELEASE Los Angeles, California, May 25, 2010 We are reaching out to get your ear for a minute about this critical situation in Arizona. If you haven’t heard, the Arizona state legislature passed a bill (SB 1070) that was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer that legalizes and sanctions racial profiling. Straight up. It […]

David Choe Print “Haitian Girl” With All Proceeds Benefiting the Haiti Relief Effort

Hemway Industries is proud to announce the launch of a new print by David Choe, “Haitian Girl”, with all proceeds being donated to benefit the Haitian Relief Effort. Personally paying for the cost of the prints, David Choe created “Haitian Girl” with all proceeds going to Yéle Haiti, a foundation created by Wyclef Jean.  “Haitian Girl” measures 18×24 and is a giclée print on archival paper.  Limited to 50 editions, […]

My L.A. Entertainment Friends Will Appreciate This....

The realest, most true, most beautifulest post I’ve ever read from any blog. I really thought I was alone when it came to the LA promise. Derek Sivers nailed it (pause): When I lived in Los Angeles, I noticed they have a strange speaking pattern. Everyone speaks in future tense. (Or, more specifically, present-tense inaction, future-tense action.) “This guy from EMI is interested and going to be presenting it to the […]