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Clout X Cope 2 Limited Ed. Tee

The good folks over at Clout has a limited edition shirt from the legendary Cope 2. If you haven’t heard of Cope, email me your address so I can come to your house and karate chop you in your throat. Available in adult sizes S – 3X, you will also receive a copy of issue 11 which features an interview from Cope 2. Head over to Clout for purchase.

Jackal & Hyde Dunks - It Gets No Fresher...

Ok nerds, I know I have been slacking on the kicks and I apologize. After I came across these I decided I need to get it together because we’re missing out on some dopenessocity (I’m trying to coin a new term, be easy).  Royalefam and its creator, sneaker customizer SBTG (Mark Ong), prepare for the global launch of its newest collection for the Fall/Winter 2008 seasons. This collection will consist of cut and sewn […]

WTF: Nintendo Belt Buckle

This is the outcome of what happens when nerds mix fashion (sort of). All I can do is shake my head on this one folks….I do not claim these nerds in any way, shape, or form. Here is what has to say about their new product: Hook up your new belt buckle to any TV and instantly begin playing the classics. Despite it’s sleek design, the Nintendo Entertainment System […]

Former Employees of Google Attempt to Pose Threat

I found a great article over at New York Times regarding former employees that believe they have a chance of taking down the big dawg of search engines (Google). Now for those of you that aren’t complete nerds, Google is on its way to conquering the Universe (if you don’t believe me, click here). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the underdog but umm…..lets just say its wise to […]