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iPhone Shots From Artbox This Past Friday

First I must mention that I wasn’t able to go for obvious reasons, but the homie Ritzy was able to take some pics from her iPhone for those of us that missed out. I couldn’t find my camera on friday¬†so I took a few flicks with my iphone. The one with me in it is me, Angry Woebots and his manager, Palmetto. It was bizonkers, packed as hell in that […]

Barack Obama - The Freshman Photos

I’ve been a bit busy with everything but I finally have the time to upload the photos that I took at M+B last month. These photos were taken while Barack was a freshman at Occidental College by one of his peers, Lisa Jack. Imagine the odds of photographing some kid that ends up being the first black president of the USA. Butters…. Oh yea, here is the link to view […]