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Posterboy Sentenced to 11 Months....Harsh Sentencing?

If you haven’t heard as of yet, a New York judge has sentenced Poster Boy to 11 mos. in jail. You can read about the full details here. Poster Boy is well known for taking subway advertisements and putting his own “spin” on them transforming billboards into art. Originally Poster Boy was to serve 210 hours of community service but it was his failure to appear in court that gave […]

Be Yourself Movement Milano

Their manifesto: “From merry-go-round to media circus, from stereotypical housewife to bulimic-anorexic beauty, from advertising to socially-imposed mores. In an increasingly invasive and arrogant way, we suffer a daily bombardment of messages that aim to impose upon us one collective thought, one way of being and living and one appearance. In every corner of every city they are trying to convince us from the height of an advertising hoarding what’s […]