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FreshArt: Joshua Bronaugh - Pin

“Websites are the worst ways to look at paintings. Digital images are compressed, have poor color, have no sense of scale and simply do not glow like paint does. I would rather a person see one of my paintings through a window from across the street in the rain than have him see anything I have ever made online.“ – Joshua B. Check out more of New York artist, Joshua […]

Hunt & Gather Interviews Artist Sarah Joncas

Designer and gallery curator, Tina Ziegler of, had a chance to catch up with artist Sarah Joncas in regards to her latest show at Thinkspace and also gives us some insight into a day in the life. Here’s an excerpt: “Can you explain the relationship between the women and their environments in your paintings, for example in your piece, “Lingering” The environments are just meant to compliment the emotions […]

FreshArt: Doze Green x Rakaa x Ritzy Periwinkle "Crown of Thorns"

Cover art is an original painting by Doze Green called “Lord Enlil”. New Rakaa logo and graphic design of project by Ritzy Periwinkle.  Full track listing available here. The homie Ritzy shot over one of the latest projects she is involved with and it looks pretty fresh if you ask me. Can’t wait to hear the latest offering from the Dilated Peoples member as the production lineup looks pretty sick […]