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Revok & Charles Hamilton??

This one threw me off a bit and came out of nowhere. Remember this guy?? Though I’m no longer a Charles Hamilton fan after his long streak of fuckery, Revok did this undeniably dope piece for him on Sunset. Do you think Charles’ career be can resuscitated? Hmm…

'Bomb It' The Movie - Cape Town

John Reiss’ groundbreaking film that documents the street art movement around the world. This clip is from Cape Town which definitely has some amazing graffiti to show the world. I think it’s incredible how much they love the art. Head over to the official Bomb It web page to catch some more clips.

"I Don't Consider Urban Art as 'Art' At All...."

So I was planning to mentally block my first interview here in London, but I can’t bring myself to. It was an interview for a small art/music events company which I figured would be some fresh a$$ ish to get into. So I meet with the owner of the company at a small cafe in….let’s just say not the best part of London. Long story short (you like how I […]

TGV Trains Get Bombed...

Graffiti that is….I spotted this initially over at Revok’s blog. The TGV trains provide service between Paris, Bruxelles and Amsterdam. Thalys, the European company providing the train, has invited SozyOne (Bruxelles), Jonone (Paris), Zedz (Amsterdam) and Seak (Cologne) to customize the train. Great way to meet the graf heads halfway. I think more train systems need to implement this school of thought.