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Jimi Hendrix's London Apartment Open to the Public Next Month

For 12 days next month, you will be able to take a tour of the Mayfair flat in which Hendrix lived, entertained, wrote, and probably did drugs. This should be pretty fresh to go see, I think I may get my tickets sooner than later before everything is sold out as you should too. The flat will be open from September 15 to 26. Details and tickets can be purchased […]

FreshArt: Peter Saul - Stalin + Mao

American artist peter saul’s long career tackles subjects such as, racism, pedophilia and feminism. Despite beginning his artistic career in the 1950’s, Saul continues to create art at the age of 74. Painting without assistants, the artist has built a reputation as an outsider and troublemaker. Saul’s method of building up pre-mixed acrylics with a dry brush technique results in paintings that are similar to graffiti.