FreshPick: Mikey Marriott & Canvas & DJ Frank Flux – No Fiction [Mixtape]

Happy New Years bidges! I’ve been slacking on these posts but my thesis is finally out of the way and so are these dumb ass holidays.

I’m not one of those too cool for Earth blog dudes that don’t listen to everything I receive in the ‘ol inbox. I literally listen to every link I get sent even if I don’t have the time to reply to everyone. And this might be the freshest I’ve gotten in awhile.

Mikey and Canvas are reppin’ Dade county hip hop in a way that stays true to Miami with the ignant (see ignorant) jokes and punchlines consisting of sneakers and cars. But you can’t pinpoint the duo as swag rap due to the gems they drop between these bars that are socially conscious. It’s all about balance and they do a great job of not giving you more of one than the other.

“Now they say you need that smartphone/stay single, cars, clothes/by the time he 21, you ain’t yourself/they done stole your wealth/used to smoke trees for fun, now you need that for anxiety/they stole your health.”

No Fiction takes on Pulp Fiction snippets throughout the tape with Mikey and Canvas going in over beats from the likes of Pete Rock, J-Dilla, Madlib, and DOOM to name a few.

“This is for every kid that’s smart enough to point you to the park but can’t tell you where the local library is.”

This tape is definitely a solid listen and I look forward to hearing more from these guys. The flows are dope and they seem to have an ear for which beats they can rock over. There were few low points of the tape (Darling, Comfortable Silences, and Karma) as well, the mix/master could’ve been more consistent throughout the tape.

That being said, you can tell it’s early days for Mikey and Canvas and furthermore, No Fiction is a solid start. With the proper production team once its time to release original material, a sick engineer, and smart marketing behind them they can make some noise in the industry especially with Miami being an under-tapped market for traditional hip hop.

“I’m not the reason your account is in overdraft nigga. I’m not the reason your girl pussy smell like hotdog water nigga, I’m not the reason.”

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