Guest Post: Screech Cutrone – Das Efx Sucked (What Lead to Their Downfall?)

“Riggitty row, gibbitty gadzooks there I go so Fliggitty flame on to geronimo yo. I biggitty burn riggitty rough but when I blabber great, I miggitty make the wonder twins reactivate.” –Das efx

It’s easy to say this generation of rappers suck, but when you think about it, a lot of 90’s New York rappers weren’t that good either. This morning’s focus will be on the group Das Efx. Das Efx (is?) was a duo consisting of brooklynites Krazy Drazy (dre) and Skoob (books in reverse) who were put on by, what is in my opinion, one of the best rap groups ever, EPMD. Das Efx’s breakout single “They want Efx” was anchored by the hypnotic beat produced by Erick Sermon that utilized an infectious sample of James Brown’s “blind man can see it.

The dreadlocked duo of Drazy and Skoob had a style that was very melodic and catchy. Their flow was actually very good, and they had a wide range of subject matter that went from random pop culture references, juxtaposition of a victim and his assailant (hard like a criminal) to having diarrhea at inopportune moments (Looseys). Their debut album “Straight from the sewer” went gold, thanks to its sound bed of dope beats and the aforementioned stylings of Books and Dre.

Between the release of “They Want Efx” and their second album, a change occurred. The hype died down and we really paid attention to what they were saying and came to a conclusion….that conclusion being Das Efx wasn’t that good. Hearing them rap about Bingo the dog, the hokey pokey and other randomness was acceptable to a degree, but that iggitty iggitty shit was too much to bear.

They did this thing where, instead of using enough words to stay on beat, they would literally stretch out their words by saying iggitty between them. Looking back, it was akin to listening to Glen Quagmire from “The Family Guy” cartoon rapping. They tried to switch up their style on the second album, but it was too late. They had typecast themselves as this gimmicky, pseudo rap/reggae hybrid and the fickle, short attention span having masses couldn’t accept their newer, more serious approach.

Das Efx should be an example to all new artists out there that if you’re going to come out with a gimmick, you will forever be stuck with that gimmick, so make sure you are comfortable with it, and it reflects your real personality. Respect to Das Efx though, for the fact that they did do their thing.


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