Freshformation: Sh*t Not To Say To Ppl You Wanna Collab With…

I’d like to preface this post by saying “I ain’t sh*t.”

Now that we got that out of the way, for some odd reason….rappers say the dumbest sh*t when approaching me for beats or to collaborate. So I figure, let me help my fellow artists since we’re all in the same boat. And more importantly, maybe I can save you from saying some stupid sh*t when approaching someone you’d like to work with.

Note: All of these things have been said to me.

  • “You should f*ck wit me now because I’ll be famous in two years”

Really bruh?! That’s the first words you utter before we even properly get acquainted? Not only did you just show your badge of ignorance, but that may be the dumbest statement I’ve heard all year. That statement screams I’m in it for the money/fame and to be honest, the music industry is the last place you want to chase those two things. You have a better chance of becoming a scientist and finding the cure for cancer. No literally, those odds are better but I digress.

  • “Yo, sequence that beat and build an intro and shoot it over to me so I can lay my vocals”

Wait, have we met? Again, before reaching out to a producer….establish a relationship. Would you walk into a stranger’s house and say “make me a sandwich”? If you answered yes to that, you might have bigger issues. This business is about relationships and business etiquette. If you believe otherwise, then Santa Claus is real. Establish a relationship. Make sure you’re a fit with said producer. Do some research and see if it makes sense.

I work with folks for free but I do so if the relationship is there and more importantly if the hard work and dedication is there. Time is money, remember that.

  • “Listen to my mixtape and I expect feedback when you’re done.”

Oh yea? I expect brain every morning I wake up and had plans to retire by 26. Word.


Hopefully this didn’t come off to “ranty” but I just want to make sure we all present ourselves properly in a professional manner and avoid saying dumb sh*t. Hip hop gets a bad rap for being ignorant. Let’s change that. Use common sense and more importantly, common¬†courtesy.

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