BamaLoveSoul presents Wilson Pickett: a funky situation | the remixes (PREVIEW)

Dope promo vid for a project that I was a part of presented by DJ Rahdu and the BamaLoveSoul crew. I chopped the shit out of a Wilson Pickett song and transformed it into something special in a short bus FreshNerd kind of way. . Support it when it drops next month.

“The BamaLoveSoul Crew will be releasing their second original music compilation, a funky situation: the remixes Jan 2011. This compilation was created completely by having producers from across the globe flip songs from Wilson Pickett’s 1978 a funky situation album.”

Beat featured in video: Byron the Aquarius – The Wicked
Video Clip by: Thed Weller

p.s. Shout out to Tall Black Guy who is also on this project.

p.s.s. If you’ve just woke up out of a coma and are unaware about what I do to samples, click here


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    Wiz Khalifa yo? Everyone is on that guy.

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