One Of My Favorite Tracks EVER! (or Squarepusher Theme)

Have you ever had your ears raped by music….and liked it? (Pause). Well, I have. Back in ’96, one of my close friends (who showed me how to make beats on a Roland MC-505) gave me this CD titled ‘Feed Me Weird Things‘. As a hip hopper, my first thought was to throw the CD back at him but I decided to listen to it instead. Let’s just say I didn’t get past the first track due to its awesomeness until the other day. But really, there is no need to…. Squarepusher Theme is all I really needed to hear.

If you’re not familiar with Squarepusher, he is a producer of electronic music AND plays bass on top of it. Insane!! His pops was a jazz drummer, so it makes sense where he gets his jazz ear from.

Keep in mind this track is from 1996, so when I originally heard it, I had no idea someone could do that to a drum loop (listen to see what I’m talking about) and play bass on top of it. This track still sounds new to me after 14 yrs. Definitely ahead of his time…..

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