FreshBeats: Stew Rat – A Little Light

(Source: Flickr) day 128 by lauren w*

So during my random internet searching….I came across a producer by the name of StewRat out of Ohio (I think). He didn’t have much info on his bandcamp page, nor could I find any bios or photos of the kid. Perhaps it doesn’t matter….the music speaks for itself. Although this track is hip hop, I wouldn’t throw that title on him as a producer.

A Little Light‘ is a hypnotic ode to boom bap as the drums, sample, and bassline all seem to work together perfectly. There really is an art to choosing the RIGHT drum sounds and bassline to match a sample and Stew Rat wins here. Check out this track then check out his bandcamp as he as more heat awaiting you there.

**Update: Through the power of technology (‘puters ‘putin), Stew hit me up on Twitter letting me know he does in fact exist in human form. If you want to get at him, here are his profiles:


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