FreshArt: Cyndi Lauper & Her Beat Tape Thank You’s

Drawn by Daniel Clewell

So my latest project, The Cyndi Lauper Beat Tape, is being well received despite my lizard brain’s reluctance to ship. Well, its been a week and has garnered about 1k downloads so I want to take a second to shout out all the blogs that have showed love so far to the little up & coming dude. Support new indie artists and producers…..dope ones that is.


Get Right Music, Beatbox Radio ShowStreet Logik, I Love Graffiti, Rock the Dub, World Famous Naija Blog, Rule 4080, DJ Mayhem, The Diggers Union, All Beatz, Bomb Atomically, Blogger House, 77e, YNotMyDream, To Eleven, Lifted Loud, PMP Rockers, Underground4Life, Dot Got It, Urban Flair, You’ll Soon Know, Rebellen, Them Fighting Words, Harry Roman, Jennifer, Tarik, Art Nouveau, Different Kitchen, Rapohnelizenz

To anybody whom I forgot or didn’t catch….drop me a line in the comments and I got you.


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      gotcha, thanks

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