22 Things You Don’t Know About Me (Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself as….Myself)

As I was reading my favorite blogs the last couple of days, I realized that I don’t want FreshNerd to turn into one of those faceless/machines of a blog that just pump out music with no personality at all (I stay away from those). So here’s my effort at making FreshNerd the kind of blog that not only has a voice but the type of blog that has a personality. FreshNerd is a person….I am FreshNerd. So if you don’t know me already, I figure these fun facts will help you out a bit:

1. I am __ yrs old (what? we just met, relax)

2. I’ve been kicked out of a club for being too drunk. I only remember the details my boys told me. The only thing I remember is LS-1 was dj’ing (remember him?) and the bouncer dragging me out of the bathroom (I think I fell asleep in there).

3.  I don’t have the greatest short term memory. I’m not sure when this…..wait….what was I saying again?

4. I had a smurf drum set when I was 4. I think that’s the reason why I’m infatuated with drum sounds till this very day.

5. When I DJ’ed in college, DJ Demp’s crateboy tried to steal my records. Yea, I turned around and my whole crate was gone. So I wander over to their booth and I see my crate. He said he thought it was his. I got my records back.

6. I started making beats after I realized my skills on the mic…well…..sucked. Although, I had some sick rhyme patterns and metaphors.

7. Wayne Brady was supposed to fly me and my production partner at the time to Hawaii to work on his album. Yea, this was right after his Chappelle show appearance. He came to the crib and we played him beats. He picked two and we never saw him again LOL.

8. I used to practice Big Daddy Kane and his dancer’s (Scoob and Scrap Luva) dance routine after memorizing his rhymes. I had the parts in my eyebrow too……

9. I backed my car into a p0le a week after getting my trunk fixed. At that point, I just left the dent there until I sold it which was last year. Those of you that know me, know about the dent in my trunk.

10. I dropped out of college (Computer Science major) with only a year left. I think I would’ve committed suicide if I ended up being a programmer. I think its the most anti-social profession in the world. It wasn’t for me.

11. I can ride a bike backwards.

12. I once popped a wheelie (example) for over 100 feet. Thats a huge accomplishment when you’re 9 yrs old.

13. I’ve never listened to a complete Tupac album in one sitting. I’ve only heard All Eyez on Me in its completeness in several different sittings. And that album only…..

14. I played in a piano recital last year. I got crushed by a bunch of little kids ages ranging from 7-12. I did do better than this 3 yr old though…..she had nothing on me.

15. I used to be addicted to video games…..NBA Live 97 & 98 to be exact.

16. I hate Kobe Bryant. For no reason really…..not sure when it all started.

17. I played football (soccer for my U.S. readers) for over 5 years. I was nice.

18.  I read a lot of books.

19. I hate movies.

20. I honestly believe I will be able to retire at 35. Now when I say retire, I don’t technically mean never work ever again. I mean only having to work if I WANT to. Financial freedom in other words…..

21. I once made pretend I was sick in the first grade so I can stay home and listen to Audio Two’s Top Billin all day. Sorry mom, sorry dad…..

22. In middle school, we would have firework battles on 4th of July. We would shoot fireworks back and forth at the kids across the lake (whatup Rob, Chico). I got hit in the neck with a bottle rocket…..ah, the good ‘ol days.

Well, if you’re still reading this far that means I’m actually more interesting than I thought. Feel free to subscribe (look over to your right) or follow me on Twitter if you found any of this remotely entertaining or if you want to make me feel better so I know someone out there reads this thing.


  1. August 4, 2010  10:31 pm by SelinaNo Gravatar Reply

    Thanks for the info and I read it all too! Glad you showed that 3 year old who was the boss! o_O

    Love the blog FreshNerd.

  2. July 28, 2010  8:39 pm by JessieNo Gravatar Reply

    I read ALL your fun facts, and they definitely were entertaining and interesting. I especially love the fact that you had a smurf drum set!
    Did I make you feel better now? Ha ;)

    • July 28, 2010  9:32 pm by FreshNerdNo Gravatar Reply

      Sweet....thanks Jess. I still wish I had that drum set actually.

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