FreshVerse: Styles P – Street Life

I’m not sure how I missed this (its old in internet time) but damn if this isn’t one of my new favorite verses from Styles (one of the most underrated MC’s if you ask me). I could’ve done with a different singer on the hook but the song still delivered the vibe and message intended so no harm done. Joelle Ortiz also held it down…..take a listen for yourself and peep the lyrics below:

Styles P:
I spit pain where the mic is, how life is
And come through on the night shift
I know long days, I know wrong ways
Try to forget about it, blowing on strong haze
Comes back to me when a certain song plays
Catch a vibe when a piano or horn plays
Hit the lab, tell Poobz to pull a beat up
Sit and then roll the weed up
My niggaz still trippin’, flippin’ goin’ to re-up (still rein’)
Throwin’ rocks at the pen, all the shit for trickin’ off senoritas
Brag to ya man on how you doin’ better
But can’t help him out, now you catch a two in ya newest leather
Bought a Coupe, and they said you was soup (damn)
Now they wanna turn you to soup, throw ya ass for a loop
It aint fruit, boy you dealin’ with beef
No 911, keep it real in the street
Stay the fuck in the house, what you huffin’ about?
When you go to jail, barely be stuck in the house
Can’t go to the yard, niggaz know you a fraud
You ain’t lookin’ right, anytime a soldier’s involved
This rap shit, get niggaz confused
They know about the streets and all the real niggaz’ll lose
I could give you the news, but if it give you the blues
Still tryna figure out, when I hitted the jewels
You can wear ‘em or please share ‘em when I give ‘em to you
And I ain’t bein’ literal, I’m bein’ lateral
Your brainwave and my data ain’t compatible
But I can take ya brain away once I splatter you
I don’t wanna battle you, rat-tat-tatta you
You don’t even matter duke, fuck who you matter to

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