FreshRead: 100 Habits for Successful Freelance Designers


  • You didn’t know your design firm was a personal public relations firm, too?
  • It’s about being the CEO, CMO, CFO and CIO as well as the bookkeeper, accountant, tech guru, housekeeper and coffee maker. It’s imperative that you see yourself as the business and act accordingly, because you are the business.
  • Most independent creatives chose the on-their-own route so they could perfect their craft, follow their ideals, and express their voice. Sure, ideals don’t pay the bills, but following ideals creates the high level of skill and professionalism that creates a sought-after product that, in the end, does pay bills-without selling your soul in the process.
  • There’s no “free” in freelance.

Even though I’m not a designer, I think most of the things in this book could apply to plan for world domination. *Muahahahahah<—that’s my evil laugh. Purchase links below:

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