Racism, Battle MC’s, and Iron Soloman Vs. Avalanche

If you know battle MC’s, I’m sure you know who won this before even watching. One thing I’m starting to notice though is how racist some battle MC’s are…..in particular when battling white MC’s. I’m just starting to realize how un-cool it is. Racism works in two directions, not just one so why is it ok? Battles should be about skills and yea jokes as well, but why the barrage of racial slurs. What if white MC’s started using the ‘N’ word when battling, I’m just sayin’. Talk to me….


  1. November 23, 2009  12:28 pm by FreshNerdNo Gravatar Reply

    I completely agree, I think he would be more than outcasted unfortunately. The double standard really bothers me and I don't think we can progress as a 'human' race until that double standard is settled.

  2. November 22, 2009  10:01 pm by PhreakNo Gravatar Reply

    Yea you right racism plays a huge part in battling. Happened when Jin battled some other dude. Jin even brought it up in his return rap. You already know that if a white MC used the "N" word, he'd be done. Not to mention then outcasted from the hip-hop scene for being a racist.

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