Raekwon – Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 (Album Sampler)….this is not a classic

purple tape

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As I listen to this, one thing comes to mind…where is Rza?? I’m not sure who did the bulk of the production here, but I can tell it wasn’t RZA. After being an avid music lover for 26 yrs, it’s safe to say you can’t recreate an album/mood/classic. Nas will never recreate Illmatic, Snoop can never do Doggy Style again (pause) and so forth. There are too many factors that contribute to making classic music from people who attended the studio sessions, engineers used, what was eaten for dinner that day, and how hungry you are (i.e. what your bank account looks like), etc.

I was amped and looking forward to this album until hearing this sampler. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s not a classic. I think I would’ve felt better if it wasn’t titled ‘Cuban Linx 2′. Shout out to @odiesel for the classic vs. good album mini debate which opened my eyes to a couple of things. The main thing gained from that convo is that classic albums change the game and cause a shift in a genre and that is what this album is not. It does sound pretty good though . Is it too late for an album title change??

p.s. The Dre track ‘About Me‘ is sick!

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