City Of God’s Son Trailer by Kenzo Digital

So….I’m a bit speechless on this one. This is a next level, outside of the box project that will be the beginning of a new genre. City of God’s Son is a “beat cinematic”….yea, let me say it again “beat cinematic”. The project consists of a 60-minute audio adventure created entirely out of samples. This is one of the reasons Fresh Nerd exists…to seek and find artists that are on cutting edge and genre changing ideas such as this. Here’s an exact rundown of what you’re about to witness from the mouth of Kenzo himself:

“More than just a remix or mash-up, COGS comments on the icon of the gangster, the media obsession with this character, and its function within hip hop culture. Homage to arguably hip hop’s most culturally potent era, COGS explores the mythology behind musical icons and gangster film icons alike, and creates a world in which the two co-exist. COGS ties these together by playing off of the listener’s ¬†familiarities of these genres and re-contextualizing them within a coming of age crime drama set in a mythical jungle metropolis.”

You can download the full movie and read more about COGS at the official website.


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