Will Songbird Have Web Music Lovers Marching to a Different Beat?


songbird screenshot

I get the feeling I’m a bit late on this (in nerd time), but I was browsing the net the other day and discovered Songbird 1.0. What is songbird you ask? Imagine if iTunes hooked up with Firefox for a one night stand and gave birth nine months later. Songbird is the beginning of music discovery in a web 2.0 world.

At the core of songbird is the open source architecture of Mozilla Firefox. What makes this browser unique though is the fact that you have access yo your music library at all times while browsing the net. Still not a big deal?? Ok, how about the feature that allows you to view all embeded mp3’s available on an mp3 blog. Or even better, how about being able to download the mp3 that you just discovered on your favorite music blog with the click of a button.

Songbird is still a bit buggy but for version 1.0, this browser shows a lot of promise. Especially since it is open source, I’m sure we’re bound to see a ton of plug-ins in the near future. There are already a handful that you have the option of installing upon initial setup. A few of the plug-ins already available include mashTape which displays last.fm bios,YouTube videos, and Google news for the current artist you’re listening to. There is also an add-on that displays song lyrics for the song currently playing. Now is your chance to decipher Lil Wayne’s verse on T-Pain’s “I Can’t Believe It”.

Though I have yet to really dig in, Songbird shows plenty of promise in changing the landscape in which we discover music. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the later revisions and as well how it will affect the music blog world. I suggest you guys take a test drive yourself by downloading here. Enjoy your journey….

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