Music Is Moving To The “Cloud”

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So as I was at the Apple store and I realized something while looking at the iPod touch that I can’t afford. There seems to be less hard drive space than the prior clunky version that I own. At first thought I said to myself “self, this isn’t much of an upgrade if you’re getting less hard drive space.” Until I realized that music is moving to the clouds. Yes, nerds…the cloud we call the internet. Will there really be much need to lug around a chunky iPod with a 60Gb hard drive when you have your library already uploaded to or I’d be willing to bet a pretty penny that there will be plenty more streaming sites that will be popping up left and right as soon as 3g is standard on every phone.

So what does this mean for the business model of the music industry that the dinosaurs…(oops…I mean the record labels) have in place? Who knows but they need to figure it out soon. Hopefully they don’t try to fight it like they did Napster. Which is one of the main reasons they’re in the mess that is the current situation as we speak….low album sales, poor quality music, etc. If I was them, I’d get together with these new sites and cut a deal thats fair for the label and the artist. Heck, they may even need to hire the people behind Obama’s campaign to promote these albums that they have no clue on how to promote.

Just my 2 cents….anybody else have any other suggestions? Talk to me…

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    its amazin

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