There’s A New Sheriff In Town…, Move Over!

lala logo

As an avid fanatic of, I think I have found a new love. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions to soon, but lala is the shit. What’s the difference you ask? Well first and foremost, lala is a music streaming service where you pay per song to keep your library online. Now on to the pros and cons:



  1. Only 10 cents per track for streaming
  2. NO Advertisements
  3. Upload your existing illegal songs for free streaming
  4. They have access to the major 4 labels
  5. You can surf the website while a song continuously plays
  6. 50 free songs upon sign-up
  7. FULL song previews
  1. If you’re an artist or label wanting to advertise, NO ads
  2. Not every song is available yet as a 10 cent purchase for streaming
  3. This company has failed twice in the past
I will be testing this site out as soon as I get back from vacation (Honduras bitches) and will keep you nerds up to date on the dopeness that’s about to be sprung upon us. Just further proof that music is moving towards free (10 cents = free, kind of?).


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