WTF: Hip Hop “Un”quotable – Cam’ron


  1. September 12, 2008  8:01 am by JamesNo Gravatar Reply

    lol@ the Canibus line....I know he's regreting that one. Or is he??

  2. September 12, 2008  12:42 am by ItzSofaKingHardNo Gravatar Reply

    Some of my favorites "I rock mostly dosey, I roll mostly dololy
    I'll leave you wholy, holy, you'll say Holy Moly
    Here come the coroner get 'em, play Rolly Poley"

    "Bam bam, jam jam, and a handstand, ha ha so tan in the tan stand
    Ra-ra, na-na, ha-ha, la-la, mama I keep that blam blam"

    "I was obsessed with cookie,
    I want to sex a cookie,
    She said forget the nookie,
    Wipe my nose go get them boogies."

    Juelz Santana "My gun is hotter than the stove it's on,
    So hot, even I thought the stove was on (whoa!)
    But the stove was off"

    "First off, I'm about my dough and cheese
    Just call me a slice of pizza
    Yup- I'll be your pizza guy
    Deliver your pizza pie"

    "You aint got the skills to eat a niggas ass like me" - Canibus

  3. September 12, 2008  12:23 am by T-TroutmanNo Gravatar Reply

    I got a whole verse from Crunk Music you could do a whole site on bad cam lines

    "That rooti, tooti, fruity, Louie, what I usually do (what's this?)
    This that jump, stop, breathe, whoody-who
    Gats in the truck
    Platt, platt, pass to a duck
    I'm the menace, owe me money, tat, tat, tat, what the f*ck
    (You ome me money motherf*cker!?)
    Ya'll reppin' that 5 still
    I'm reppin' that 5 mill
    Neverland, thriller, Killa Cam, Jackson 5 bill (so what!)
    Lets style a bit, Italian sh*t, $5000 spent
    Show you how to get that powder sh*t
    Filed the fifth, jet out of it
    My proud of what is yo' turn, Jim so burned
    Live b*tch, why kiss, on my wrist a glowworm ($50,000)
    And I keep heat, cause in these streets (what you hear?)
    Just hear woop, woop, whant, whant, beep, beep (that's the cops)
    And you rumble, never, me, hit a humble diva (a few of 'em)
    And I stay with the white, I got Jungle Fever (nose candy)
    So tell Lucccaay (what)
    That her boobi's, loco, cookie monster, who he (who am I?)
    I'm the 1 the rep the set
    Left to left, death to death
    You be yellow-taped, outlined, etch-a-sketched.."

  4. September 10, 2008  11:48 pm by FreshNerdNo Gravatar Reply

    Damn, that's pretty bad....

  5. September 10, 2008  9:01 am by SupalyriksNo Gravatar Reply

    I don't know if that line tops the one from the "I ain't never scared" remix: "I'll beat you dead. That means you dead meat."
    That's classic bad!

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