21 Questions with Dre (from Cool & Dre)

So if you nerds aren’t up to speed on super production duo, Cool and Dre, then let me give you a quick run down on their discography. These cats have been reppin’ Miami since I was in High School and going strong ever since. They have worked with 50 Cent (Hate It or Love It), Jah Rule (New York, one of my favorite beats of all time), The Game (My Life ft. Lil Wayne), Lil Wayne (Phone Home) and the list goes on folks. I was able to catch up to half of the duo to get a FreshNerd exclusive 21 question interview.

Location: The Mix Room lounge

The Vibes: Dre is kickin’ back watchin’ “Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story” but takes a quick break to answer some questions for yours truly. Currently they’re working on a bunch of projects soon to come to light, but only a few of which I can name. In the works right now, they have Queen Latifah, Wale (get familiar, this kid is a beast), Busta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne. Be sure to check out their myspace page for the latest updates. Now on to the interview:

FreshNerd: Invent a new word for vagina.
Dre: lovebox

FreshNerd: You’re on a raft. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne are overboard drowning. You can only save one person. Who do you save?
Dre: I’m jumpin’ in with them, fuck it…..we all gotta go

FN: Florida Evans from Good Times or Blanche from the Golden Girls?
Dre: Damn, damn, damn!!

FN: Hip Hop is…..
Dre: “supposed to mean something”

FN: When was the last time you set a personal goal?
Dre: Last night
FN: What was it?
Dre: Wake up in the morning…..accomplished

FN: What, if anything, do you actively boycott?
Dre: Fuckery

FN: What non-essential item do you always carry with you?
Dre: Everything is essential

FN: How many beats do you make per week on average?
Dre: Not as much as before we had a name….some weeks not as much, some weeks alot

FN: Describe your year so far in 2008?
Dre: Blessed

FN: You get a call. You’ve been informed that you were improperly named. Andre is going to be expunged from your birth certificate. You’ll need to give them a new name instead that you feel suits you better. What name do you choose?
Dre: Shaft
FN: What would you say to John McCain if you ran into him in an elevator?
Dre: “There is no way you own a mirror in your house….if you could only see what you’ve become”

FN: What is your favorite curse word?
Dre: Fuckery

FN: That recurring dream you have, what is it about?
Dre: Being back in high school again surrounded by fucking idiots wondering what I’m going to do with my life. Around 12th grade is when I started thinking “what the fuck am I going to do?”

FN: What song, if any, do you wish you were the first to write?
Dre: “We Are the Champions” by Queen

FN: Without Miami, hip hop would’ve never witnessed….
Dre: The first amendment in action – big up Luther Campbell and 2 Live Crew

FN: When was the last time you spoke to yourself out loud?
Dre: This morning…I looked in the mirror and told myself to get money

FN: When was the last time you went a full day without using your blackberry?
Dre: Just the other day I dropped my phone and it broke. I lost all of my contacts….if I don’t pick up, then that’s why.

FN: What advice do you have for the best rapper alive?
Dre: My advice would be “now its time to be the best ARTIST alive.”

FN: You must give a lecture on a topic you know nothing about. What topic do you choose?
Dre: It would be called ‘Mating of Whales 101′ ….no but seriously, it would be “How to be a Snitch”….I don’t know shit about that.

FN: Do you believe in aliens?
Dre: Yes

FN: When was the last time you saw one?
Dre: Have you seen pictures of Amy Winehouse lately? What’s going on?

FN: Which look would you prefer to rock, the Bobby Brown “gumby” or the Big Daddy Kane “eyebrow parts”?
Dre: I’d rock the Bobby Brown, but since I got curly hair…..I’d end up looking like Special Ed.


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  2. September 30, 2008  7:37 pm by Chip DollaNo Gravatar Reply

    Yea, these dudes got some sick tracks. Underrated indeed….

  3. September 30, 2008  6:44 pm by Land SharkNo Gravatar Reply

    Tight interview with Dre...Cool and Dre,the hardest working production duo in the biz.

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