Former Employees of Google Attempt to Pose Threat

I found a great article over at New York Times regarding former employees that believe they have a chance of taking down the big dawg of search engines (Google). Now for those of you that aren’t complete nerds, Google is on its way to conquering the Universe (if you don’t believe me, click here). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the underdog but umm…..lets just say its wise to pick your battles. Anna Patterson, former Google employee, had a hand in implementing and designing some of the major features of Google as we know it today. Anna and her husband will be unveiling their new search engine, (pronounced cool), in the near future. Supposedly, their search engine will be superior to Google when it comes to returning relevant search results and displaying them as well. I had to see if this held true so I ventured over to their website. Low and behold, it IS a better layout. As far as search results, well……lets just say I searched for my blog name and I wasn’t in the top two pages. Whereas, I’m usually number one on Google. And the winner is……….well, I’ll let you nerds visit and decide for yourselves.

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